Lisa Kerpoe Artist       Facilitator © 2013 Lisa Kerpoe   All Rights Reserved All text and photos are copyrighted, please do not reproduce without prior written consent. Books/DVDs Fabric Books/DVDs Visual Texture on Fabric Are you ready to add more pizazz to your hand-dyed cloth? Are you intrigued at the idea of creating a textural look on fabric? Have you heard about resists such as soy wax, flour paste and oatmeal, but don’t know where to begin? Have you tried resists before with disappointing results? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Visual Texture on Fabric is the book for you. This comprehensive guide to water-based resist dyeing techniques makes the process easy to learn and even more fun to play with! Read more about the book.
$24.95 Irresistible Texture: Using Resists to Create Stunning Cloth - DVD See the magic for yourself! Add unique pattern and texture to your cloth with five easy,  inexpensive and versatile resists. Kerpoe presents detailed information on the use of  oatmeal, potato dextrin, commercial water-based resists, sodium alginate paste and soy  wax, the benefits and application techniques for each resist, tips for applying color,  wash-out procedures and tips and advice based on her expertise in working with these  resists. Running time 2 hours $35
Special Offers Vibrant Color: Combining Soy Wax and Dyes for Brilliant Results Got soy wax? Got dye? Put the two together in exciting combinations. Soy wax is  biodegradable and a renewable resource. When combined with fiber reactive dyes the  results are fabulous - intricate patterns with the staying power of the dyes but with an  ease of wash-out unmatched by other resists. This photo-filled guide by Lisa Kerpoe and  Jane Dunnewold provides step-by-step instructions for creating soy wax crayons,which  are perfect for writing, drawing and rubbings, for using hot wax and dye to stamp, dip  and brush on color and for making a dye paste that is the perfect consistency for  stenciling.  Also covered are techniques for adding background color,     directions for  steaming the fabric and building an inexpensive steamer at home, instructions for  removing the excess wax and dye and troubleshooting tips.  Saddle-stitched, 32 pages $22
Vibrant Color DVD Join Lisa Kerpoe and Jane Dunnewold as they demonstrate the use of MX fiber reactive dyes with soy wax resist. Topics covered include:     creating soy wax crayons,perfect for writing, drawing and rubbings     using hot wax and dye to stamp, dip and brush on color     making a dye paste that is the perfect consistency for stenciling     techniques for adding background color     directions for steaming the fabric and building an inexpensive steamer at home     instructions for removing the excess wax and dye Running time 90 minutes $35
Fabric Digital Reproductions A variety of fabrics designed by Lis Kerpoe are available from Spoonflower, an online company that prints fabric on demand. They include reproductions of her original artwork as well as patterns based on her original designs.  They are available in a variety of fabrics and in whatever yardage is required, from fat quarters to multiple yards.
Red Circles
Special Offers Save when you purchase one of Lisa’s book/DVD combinations! Learn all about resists with this exciting combination. The book makes a great reference with easy access to all the recipes and techniques.  Watch how to mix and apply the resists on the DVD.   Visual Texture on Fabric book and Irresistible Texture DVD $52