Online Classes Basic Dyeing November 9, 2013 Art Cloth Studios/1803 San Antonio, TX $90 Explore the basics of adding color to cloth, yarn and roving  with fiber reactive dyes. These dyes are non-toxic, easy to  use and create vibrant colors. We’ll cover everything you  need to know to get started, including what types of fabrics  and fibers work best, how to mix the dyes, basic color  mixing, how to achieve striking patterns, and how to wash  and care for the fibers. This class is perfect for quilters,  sewists, weavers, felters and anyone who loves fiber and  color. Join us and add some color to your world!  For questions or to register, contact Lisa Current Workshop Schedule Lisa teaches a variety of workshops throughout the country.  If you would like to schedule a workshop in your location, contact Lisa for more information. View a complete list of Lisa’s workshops and lectures. © 2013 Lisa Kerpoe   All Rights Reserved All text and photos are copyrighted, please do not reproduce without prior written consent. Sign up to receive updates on Lisa’s workshop schedule Lisa Kerpoe Artist       Facilitator New!  Online Classes - Can’t travel to take a workshop?  Take a class in the comfort of your own home. View online schedule African Inspired Cloth: Create Your Story With Adinkra Sumbols $25 / 2 lessons Intrigued by the use of symbols?  Want to add a deeper  level of meaning to your work? This self-study class  focuses on an African technique, called adinkra, in which  symbols are stamped on a cloth in a grid pattern. There  are hundreds of adinkra symbols, so each cloth carries its  own message based on the combination of symbols used.  The technique originated in Ghana and was traditionally  used for funerals (adinkra means “goodbye”). Adinkra  cloth is now used for a variety of occasions.   You will create a cloth using symbols that represent your  life and personal characteristics. Or create a cloth for a  loved one – perhaps to celebrate a marriage, provide  healing blessings, or to welcome a new addition into the  family. The cloth can be used for home décor, as a prayer  or meditation shawl or sewn into a quilt, clothing or pillow   The pdf guide will be sent directly to your email inbox and  includes background information about adinkra cloth and  the most common adinkra symbols and their meaning.  Photos and step-by-step instructions take you through the  process of creating your own adinkra stamps, creating the  grid and techniques for stamping with fabric paint.   Are you drawn to the idea of creating a cloth with its own  unique message? Join me for this class and join in on the  fun!  How online classes work Surface Design Playground October 15 - December 3, 2013 Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, TX $235 members/$250 non-members Allow time for a little fun and play this fall. Each week, the  instructor will demonstrate a surface design technique of  the participants’ choosing. Students will use class time to  experiment with the techniques, or take advantage of the  studio space and explore their own projects. Bring 1 to 2  yards of fabric, rubber gloves and a dust mask to the first  class. Additional supplies will be discussed during future  classes. For questions, contact Lisa.  To register, contact the  Southwest School of Art.
Mixed Media on Cloth November 2 - 3, 2013 Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, TX $160 members/$175 non-members Explore diverse media to add color and pattern to cloth  while creating a scroll journal. Students will let their inner  muse play with watercolor crayons, metallic powder,  colored pencil, metal and paper lamination, acrylic paints  and gels, watercolor, india ink and more! The instructor will  demonstrate numerous techniques and students will have  time to create multiple pages for their scroll journal. After  assembling their journal, students will finish it off by adding  beads, stitching, ribbons and other embellishments. Please  see the SSA website for a list of materials For questions, contact Lisa.  To register, contact the  Southwest School of Art.